What I've Googled this week #4

Friday, 27 September 2013

Here's what I've been tappity-tap-tap-tapping into that search bar this week!

Just beautiful. Via Pinterest, cant find original link, sorrryyyyy!!

1. Members of Scooby Doo
Because I could remember all their names but that of the girl with the yellow jumper and glasses.
Turns out, she is Velma.
I'll let you in on a secret now...I hate Scooby Doo. Like, detest it. Have done ever since I was a child. I'm not sure why, its not because it scared or traumatised me, I just really hate it.

2. Brown Cross Body Bag
I'm on the hunt for a satchel type bag, but not a satchel and in a very dark brown to match my new boots. Can I find one? Can I 'eck.

3. Rockers
A gang of us went to a restaurant called Rockers Steak House (Mill Road, Cambridge - if you're local!) recently for my sisters belated birthday celebrations. As always I like to be prepared so perused the menu before the night. The place has a great atmosphere, turned the music up loud on request for my favourite song (The Chain - Fleetwood Mac, in case you were wondering) and the food was delicious.
(I had - calamari, followed by a 'Big Cheese' burger. Sometimes the simplest choices are the best!


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  2. Hi Rachel! I have just realised I'm a loser and never inputted your new blog addy into bloglovin, so I haven't been getting your blog updates! So pleased to have rediscovered you :) And I hate scooby doo too, and most cartoons like that. I just found, and find, them really repetetive, annoying and boring. Glad is not just me! Never could even watch as a kid haha!

    1. huzzah! let our blog love begin again :)


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