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Saturday, 17 August 2013


The one and only minor criticism I have of my kindle that I have is that I do miss seeing book covers in all their freshly printed, colourful glory. The cover for The Night Rainbow (above) is a particularly pretty one I would've like to have seen on my bedside table.

Moving on...

During one long, hot summer, five-year-old Pea and her little sister Margot play alone in the meadow behind their house, on the edge of a small village in Southern France. Her mother is too sad to take care of them; she left her happiness in the hospital, along with the baby. Pea's father has died in an accident and Maman, burdened by her double grief and isolated from the village by her Englishness, has retreated to a place where Pea cannot reach her - although she tries desperately to do so.

Then Pea meets Claude, a man who seems to love the meadow as she does and who always has time to play. Pea believes that she and Margot have found a friend, and maybe even a new papa. But why do the villagers view Claude with suspicion? And what secret is he keeping in his strange, empty house?


Pea is a sweet and complex character. The story is told from her POV, and while on Amazon a few reviewers have complained that the tone and language used it too complex for that of a 5-year-old, I think the author has captured the innocence, inquisitiveness and reasoning of her beautifully. Yes, a 5-year-old probably wouldn't be quite as descriptive as Pea is, but it would be a book aimed at children not adults if it were toned down further.

It did take a few chapters for me to properly get stuck into I must admit, but I'm glad I persevered. It's a haunting, well-told story of love, loss and friendship. I found the premise of the book to be quite unique.

The story is tinged with sadness from start to finish. Its a tough read in that some of the subject matter is heavy and the feeling of grief is tangible throughout.

I enjoyed it and I want you to too so obviously don't want to give too much away. I'll leave it as - a slightly haunting but compelling story with a few good twists and turns which explores a mothers love and unlikely friendship.

The Night Rainbow by Clare King - get it here


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