Monday, 12 August 2013

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Hello! Bonjour! Salut! What Up!

I'm back after an unintentional blogging absence. There are a few reasons for this, which I'll run through briefly. There's also just other stuff I'd like to say, so here goes!

Stevie and I took went on our holibobs to Rhodes waaaay back in July. It was lovely, we didn't do a great deal more than relax, sunbath, sleep and eat an un-healthy amount of meat and cheese. Heaven. Greece is such a lovely country and I feel so at home there, perhaps I have some greek in me? My skin-tone says no, my big-bum says yes. Who knows.

Unfortunately, my camera cable has decided to go walkies and so I can't share any of the pictures I took just yet. I think its hiding on the top shelf of my wardrobe, and I neither have the inclination or the energy to tackle clearing that out at the moment. Soon my pretties, soon.

My beloved little Corsa broke down just before we went away, and when I say broke down, I mean it literally stopped working. While I was driving round a roundabout. Which was hilarious / mortifying / petrifying in equal measures. A trip to the garage confirmed it was the head gasket and it had blown. After some weighing up, I decided not to get it fixed and to get myself a new car. So I did, and am now the proud owner of a fun-to-drive, petrol-thirsty Mazda MX5. Not the most practical of cars, only having 2 seats and a soft-top, but my god do I love it.

Work is work. Work is work on speed at the moment it seems, I have barely had time to breathe. Whereas in the past I'd bang out a blog post on my lunch break, they have been fairly non-existent over the past 6 weeks or so. Its quietened down now though, so I expect I'll be able to do that again, as well as eat. Aaah, eating.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but I am currently studying towards my Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Certificate. I've got an assignment due at the end of August so I've been working on that. I'm still nowhere near finished, and with the next two weekends full to the brim with hen-do's, weddings and christenings, I'm starting to panic about getting it done.
N:B - the course has made me realise that I do in actual fact, hate marketing. I wish I was joking.

Being Healthy
I bought me a bike back in February, it then proceeded to sit in my shed, neglected for a few months, much like my blog. A couple of weeks ago I dusted it off with the intention of getting a bit fitter. Unlike some of my other fitness endeavours, I've actually stuck with this one and in the past week have racked up 60 miles of cycling. Which I'm pretty pleased about? I really enjoy it and its made me realise what a picturesque part of the world I live in. I don't really have time on my cycle to work to take any pictures but on my next weekend jaunt I will definitely take my camera (the one I've NOT lost the cable for) and share some pics.

In other news, I have read so many books recently and I'm planning to share my thoughts on some of them with you over the next few days. I racked up an impressive (for me) 11 read on holiday, some good, some not so good.

So that's it really, I have no other excuses. I have some busy weekends coming up as I said; my little brother is getting married, my best-friends baby is being Christened and Stevie turns 30. I'll really be more organised and plan some posts around these events...promise...because asides from anything, it'll be really nice to document them and look back on in the future!

I hope you're all happy and healthy...back soon. xx


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