What I've Googled this week #3

Friday, 16 August 2013

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#1 Threesome
No, no no. Not in the naughty sense - take your brain out of the gutter ladypants! I obviously mean the TV series. Before pressing 'series link' I thought I'd read up on Threesome and what its about. From the adverts, it looks quite funny. After reading the Wiki Page (I seem to spend my life on Wikipedia)....I am undecided on whether it is funny or not, if I like the premise in fact, and haven't yet pressed record. Has anyone watched it? Is it any good?

#2 Little Miss No Name
I'm not entirely sure how I ended up here, I think it was Buzzfeed related? If you are not a fan of creepy dolls, look away now. Or just don't click this link. If you are a fan, click away you strange, strange person.

#3 Chair recovering
I've been gifted with a beautiful wing-back armchair by my mum. Its a bit tatty and doesn't match my d├ęcor currently, so I am investigating getting it recovered. Initial findings show this may turn out to be very expensive, so it'll probably end up being covered in a throw. It's going to live in our bedroom and will be my 'its-raining-outside-snuggle-up-book-reading-tea-drinking' chair.


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