The Perfect Wedding Gift.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My little brother is getting hitched in a couple of weeks time.

They haven't set up a gift-list anywhere and didn't give any real indication of what they might like.

Initially, I was just going to bung some Mexican money in a card for them to spend on honeymoon, but then decided I'd like to be a little more sentimental.

So off I clicked to

Chris (my brother) loves penguins, so when I found this I was sold immediately.

Get it here!

I chose the 'white framed' option, with a 'mouse grey' print. Just like the picture in fact. I personalised, obviously (Chris and Carly would've wondered who Andrew and Orla are) and paid the very reasonable £40. In a couple of days it had arrived and I am so impressed with it.

It's great quality, it looks far more expensive than £40! It was wrapped well to protect it during transit which is really important to me, it shows the company cares I think. And it's just a lovely, sentimental, slightly quirky gift.

I hope they like it!


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