Mundane Midweek #3.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Love this. No relevance whatsoever but I love it.

Wednesday 26th June saw me rudely awoken by my obnoxious, duck-sound alarm at 6am. Today, my colleague C and I were released from our office duties to attend Marketing Week Live in London.

C picked me up at 7:45 and we journeyed to London via automobile, train and tube.

I was navigator, and feeling quite pleased with myself, we arrived at the ExCel in good time for our first seminar. But what was this? Suited and booted older gentleman, lots of airline signage?

Not the usual crowd for Marketing Week Live...? With a sinking feeling, I checked my ticket. Yup, the show was in actual fact being held at OLYMPIA. And here we were, at the EXCEL, which is the wrong fecking venue.

If we didn't laugh, we'd cry so we giggled like maniacs and headed over to Olympia. The correct venue.

As a result of this detour, we missed the first seminars we'd planned in but managed to get to a talk by the Head of Marketing for Mastercard, which was really insightful. The campaign they are rolling out at the moment is good, and their previous campaigns (priceless adverts - remember them?) are inspiring too. We wandered round the rest of the exhibition, made some good contacts and got some freebies.

At 4-ish we headed home, made really good time and I walked in the door at 17:40. I had a quick dinner then dashed to Waitrose to pick up a birthday present for my Mum before seeing her tomorrow night. She said she didn't want anything this year, so I ummed and ahhed and eventually settled on some argan hair oil, burts bees body lotion and a box of choccies. Not a bad haul for someone who didn't want anything!

Got home again and wanted to get the London scuzz off me so ran a bath. Ran it for 5 mins or so, got in, splashed about for a bit before realising that I hadn't put the plug in, therefore it wasn't filling up past my hips. Fail. At this point, all the hot water had literally gone down the drain so I gave up on the luxurious bath and got out.

Clearly my brain had stopped working and I needed bed, stat, but I remembered I'd invited my friend over at 8 for a catch up. She turned up to a knackered, pyjama adorned me, we drank tea and giggled for a bit and off she went.

I crawled into bed at 10:30, read a few pages of my current book and headed swiftly to the land of nod.

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