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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Good morning lovely readers of The Reluctant Bumpkin! I'm Rosie, and I write a lifestyle blog called Cider with Rosie :) I'm here to fill the space usually occupied by the lovely Rachel today whilst she's off sunning herself (the lucky thing!) I'd like to introduce you to my little family, who feature daily over on my blog...

Jason is my handsome boyfriend, whom I love very much ♥ He has a scratchy chin (because I nag him not to shave!) and is part French so has that 'sulty moody' thing going on ;) Jase likes KitKat Chunkies, Starbucks vanilla lattes, has the world's shortest memory and is a mine of useless information!

Alfie is our little cat, and is otherwise known as 'Lord Alfred'. Alfie's hunting skills are quite legendary, and he considers himself to be the king of the communal pond and gardens in front of our house. He can often be found lording it up on the sofa, begging for milk, and snoozing amongst piles of clean laundry.

And finally, I'm Rosie! I'm 21, regularly get asked what year of school I'm in, and have been compared to Monica from Friends more times than I can count! ;) I love silk headscarves, twinings english breakfast tea, can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and am a prolific list-maker.

Thank you very much for having us! If you'd like to read more about our little adventures, you can find us over at Cider with Rosie!


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