TRB - Cornwall #6 - Holywell Bay and Seafood

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Our last proper day of holiday was spent at Holywell Bay. It was a bit chillier this day, so I mostly sunbathed wearing a cardigan (not very effective for getting a tan, FYI). The eight of us dug a hole, which was about 7ft deep.

We stopped off for cream teas on the way back to the house which were YUM (cup of tea + scone + jam + cornish clotted cream = cream tea).

Steve and I headed off on our own for a romantic meal at the Boathouse in Newquay that evening, where we gorged on smoked mackerel, crab, mussles (him, not me. They look like bogeys and for that reason I can't eat them) and wine.


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