TRB - Cornwall #5 - Boat Fetish & Feeder

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On Thursday we headed to Falmouth for a wander. Its basically just a harbour where big cruise and transport ships are built and docked. I didn’t take any pictures here as I don’t have a boat fetish (as one of the lads we were with claimed he did). We had a nice lunch then headed back to the ranch for more drinks and hot tub time.

The highlight of the day, and possibly the whole holiday, was going to see Feeder that evening at Lusty Glaze. Lusty Glaze is a cove, and because of its shape and layout, it’s a natural amphitheatre. Lots of bands play here and we were lucky to have timed it with Feeder, who I really like (you all know Buck Rogers right?), so we drank cider, watched the sunset, saw a streaker and rocked out in the sand. Good times were had by all.

Guess who? Yeah, thats me. And Steve. I've never put pics of us on here before...I'm a bit scared.


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