What I've Googled this week #2

Friday, 21 June 2013

not the actual bonnie and clyde. (from pinterest)

I bet you are dying to know what I've been Googling this week aren't you?

Well, fear not, I shall tell thee!

#1 Bonnie and Clyde
I'm not actually sure why I Googled this pair, however clearly on a quest for knowledge I spent a while reading the Wikipedia page about them. Just in case they ever come up in a pub quiz....

Quizmaster: 'What is Clydes middle name?'
Me: 'Aha! I know this! It is Chestnut. That'll be 1 point please!'

Anyhoo I wont rehash the Wikipedia page as that's just silly, but if you too want to expand your knowledge on these famous American outlaws, head here.

#2 Bikram Yoga
I've tried yoga before and while I didn't hate it, I didnt feel any benefit from attending. I'm not very bendy and did find some of it quite difficult. That aside, my friend recently went to a Bikram Yoga class and said it was great, so I Googled it and have booked on to try it next week. Mmm, sweaty.

#3 New Cars
Its a sad week. My car's head gasket blew on Wednesday, causing me to break down. While GOING ROUND A ROUNDABOUT. It was awful. After a few minutes of desperately ramming the key round, it came back to life just long enough for me to get it to the garage. From experience I know head gaskets are tricky things to fix, and its going to cost more to do the repair work than the car is actually worth. So now I'm a little stuck....if anyone has a few spare grand laying around, I could really use it???!!!


  1. Oh no, sucks about your car :( good googling though, I'm going to read that wiki page right now haha.

    Ps so glad you're blogging again, really enjoying your updates x

    1. Did you read it? Are you ready for a test? Mwa haha.
      Aww thank you lovely, you're the sweetest xx


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