Mundane Midweek.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

(from pinterest)

My mundane midweek covers Thursday. Not exactly midweek but there you go.

I woke up in a good mood due to lots of lovely sleep. Me waking up in a good mood is an extremely big deal - I am not a morning person. I made Steve a cup of tea and even had a little pyjama dance round the bedroom to Robin Thicke. 

I got ready for work, faffed about reading blogs and buzz feed whilst getting ready, was about 10 mins late for work. 

Got to work, did a little actual work. Did a lot of blog-related stuff. 

Renewed contents insurance. This is living people! 

Got home, darling Effy had decided to protest against the audacity of my expecting her to use a litter tray and shat on the floor. Cleaned this up while gagging. 

Made a rather lovely dinner of cod in chilli and cherry tomato sauce. 

Put a clothes wash on. 

Make some cupcakes. Anticipated their loveliness, was sorely let down by their shitiness. Embarrassed, as had promised them to colleagues under the pretence of being a 'great baker'. 

Messed up icing, had to stick in freezer for 20 mins to thicken up enough to ice poor excuses for cupcakes. 

Iced cupcakes. 

Stared at cupcakes for 5 minutes, contemplating how to improve them. 

Dumped a load of sprinkles on offending cupcakes. 

Stated at cupcakes for a bit longer. 

Binned all cupcakes. 


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  1. This is brilliant, my cupcakes never turn out the way I want them to.. and my cats rebel against the tray often. We call it their 'dirty protest' as it usually happens when we've 'upset' them somehow x

    1. I blame pinterest, I will never be able to achieve some of the amazing cakes/food in general on there and it gets my hopes up! xx


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