Satisfying Sunday.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Not mine. I can wish. (credit)

Despite my smug 'I get to read all day' post on Sunday, I actually only managed to do that for about an hour before getting bored. I blame a book rut - any help?

I decided that as it's only 9 days till we jet off on our summer holibobs, I'd get all my holiday-only clothes out, give them a wash and be well prepared. This led to an organisation of epic proportions, not stopping at holiday clothes, I went on to sort out my entire wardrobe, shoe collection and meagre handbag collection (Dad 'accidently' took my entire collection of bags to the tip...but thats a heart-breaking story for a different day).

I sorted into keep, charity shop and bin piles which while very satisfying, I now have hardly anything left. I tried to stick to the rule of 'if you havent worn it for 6 months, get rid, or a year for anything blatantly summery'. However this was the death knull for the vast majority of my summer clothes, due to the pitiful summers we've had over the past couple of years.

So now, I have a mission to rebuild my wardrobe again. I looked out the window, regarded the threatening storm clouds and gale-force winds and decided to skip over Summer clothes. I am a huge fan of Autumn so will look forward to restocking woolly jumpers and warm boots. And scarves, oh how I love scarves. Sorry for those die-hard Summer lovers, yep I am wishing it away a bit!

I finished the day by watching The Blue Planet, reading some blogs I love, and making a delicious homemade curry. So not exactly a read-a-thon of a day, but a fairly lovely, day before payday, Sunday at home.

What did you do?


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