The return of: What I've Googled this week!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I loved this 'feature' on my previous blog, so much so that I want to continue it here!

Here's what I've been tapping into the Google bar this week:

#1 Ewoks
My friend Chloe, who I call Panda (reason unknown, born from a drunken night out and its stuck) was complaining about her 'all over body hair' when she tans. I am certain she could only be referring to the little baby, down-like hairs we *all* have, but I called her an Ewok and it made us giggle. I then proceeded to Google pictures and send them to her. I am HILARIOUS.

#2 What is taffy?
What the hell is taffy? I had my suspicions that it is basically toffee...and now I know, it is basically toffee.

#3 Wildwood
This is a restaurant chain I wanted to find the menu for. Alas, it would not display on my iPhone due to lack of java or some other crappy excuse, so I went into the restaurant blind. I'm not a fan of this, I do like to peruse the menu for a bit prior to going. I could review it, but it was fairly standard. Nice; not amazing, not awful. A bit 'meh' in all honesty.


  1. I've always wondered about taffy! Is taffy the same as saltwater taffy?

    And yes, you are hilarious. I do similar stuff with my friends haha x

    1. Ooh...I didn't look into that - salty toffee doesn't sound very appealing though does it??!! xx


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